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screening of Lu Chuan鈥檚 鈥淐ity of ▓Life and Death鈥?some people have left theaters before the film ends. It does take courage to finish watching this latest m▓ovie about the 1937 Nanjing mas

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 him, said the report.He was charged with taking bribes, embezzl

sacre of Chinese civilians by Japanese troops by Lu, one of the most outstanding ▓directors in China鈥檚 film industry. Dealing w

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failing to explai▓n the source of assets and sentenced last year. A

ith the cruelty, horror, sadness and hopeles▓sness of war is one thing, but a deeper, more disturbing sense each Chinese moviegoe

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s illegal income was confiscated.At an appeal hearing ▓this month t

r must face is the acceptance of the director鈥檚 depiction of Japanese soldiers as human beings who also suffer from the war. Ind

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eed▓, this depiction was the main reason Lu鈥檚 film drew wi▓de attention the first day it was released on th▓e mainland. During the first half day the film was screen


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ed in China it earned 9 million yuan (US$1.3 milli▓on), a rare success for homemade war epics. But such success might become▓ the double-edged sword Lu had referred to during an inte

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rvi▓ew in which he said his biggest fear was the film might be pulled out of theaters because of controversy it might trigger. Other films have tried to retell the depressing hist

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